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Product Videography

How important are the product videos for E-Commerce? 

In a recent survey, over 75% of shoppers confirmed that watching a products video convinced them to buy the product. This makes it one of the efficient ways of INCREASING SALES on E-Commerce.

A 45-60 second product video provides the first look of the product giving the customer a hands-on feel for the product convincing their mind to purchase the product.


A product video gives sellers the best chance to demonstrate the product more efficiently than the traditional photography. Seeing the product in use on the video can encourage the customer to purchase it and reduce the confusion in their mind, which results TO LESS RETURNS and 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Also, a video content performs very well on every e-commerce platform an IDEAL BRANDING OPPORTUNITIES.

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Our E-Commerce Product Videography

Our videography, filming and video production services are easy to commission, whether you’re a seasoned pro or if you’re producing video for the first time. We take the time to understand your requirements: how your video will be used and what it needs to achieve.

Short clips of your products in motion, even being worn by great models, transports the best possible message to your potential customers.  They can see the product move and sway in the videos and imagine themselves in them.

It’s vital when creating product videos of your goods, to ensure that the product itself stays in focus.  We work hard to make sure that your products are the primary focus of these great videos.  

Our E-Commerce Product
Video Presentation 

Presentation Video which is also known as explainer video. This type of video is short informative video explains and demonstrates the key features of your product and the brand in a compelling way.

These video are created digitally using series of pictures and short video files edited and created with infographics and all the product related content.

These videos are generally 30-50 seconds long along with an option of creating with or without background music.

However, explainer videos can serve as the cornerstone of your website and introduce your brand to new customers, which makes them especially valuable. Additionally, without any additional cost of shooting or model, you can have a superb product video consisting of; product details, animations and motions. Would fulfil all your requirements for an affordable plus informative video. 



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