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E-Commerce Packshot Photography 

Packshot are the most widespread type of product photography – images that show the whole product generally isolated from a background and brightly lit. A packshot cut out onto a pure white background is the staple image of online and printed catalogues. Sometimes a client will want a uniform background that’s a different colour from white, and we can easily achieve this either by supplying the packshot images on a transparent background, or a colour specified by the client. Packshot photos are often featured on a brand’s website or communications and constitute a key part of the platform’s advertising material, giving consumers a concrete idea of what to expect when they order the product. Quality packshot photography can be an excellent tool to boost your brand’s image and perceived value, and convey the message you want to communicate about your product. Packshot images can come in a variety of different types, offering you different choices when it comes to displaying your product. Learn more about how to choose the right packshot photos for your products.

first one
new second text
room design copy
lifestyle 1
Life style image
Life style image
Life style image
Life style image
Life style image
Life style image
third one
perfume Infographic copy 2
watch infographic copy 2
mineral drop infographic copy 2
1above gravity chairs features green
2-tier-how to build copy
last one
wallet copy 2
Lamp - product details copy 2
safe locker copy 2
cupboard measurements copy

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