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360˙ Product photography Increase your sales
and avoid returns

What is the 360˙ product photography?

What is the best way to assess a product you plan to purchase from an e-commerce store?  Since the product is online, the best way to get an idea of it is by viewing the available images to get a 360 product view. The more qualified the images, the better perception of the product you will havе, thus increasing the chances of buying it.

Over the past few years, 360° product images (also known as 360 spin images and rotating images) have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury in e-commerce, and can be considered more important to sales than standard product images. Long story short, 360° images make the product evaluation process a lot easier for potential customers, and have the capacity to boost sales significantly. They also increase the time spent on a page, improve the overall user experience, and minimize the risk of product returns.

The biggest downside to an online store is that you can’t really interact with the product, and this is where 360 spin images come into play. They allow you to view the item from all angles in great detail, zooming in and out and giving an interactive feeling to the website. E-commerce, however, is not the only sector that profits from 360 product images. Hotel, automotive and real-estate business websitescan perform better, if they are equipped with such imagery.

How can you create 360 product images?  They can be created in a professional photography studio and by using a specific software application. The first option is quite costly and time-consuming, whereas the second one will save you both time and money, especially if you have a large inventory catalog.


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